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Some work is too precise to do in a class.  

Some parts of ourselves are too delicate to be thrust into the public eye.  

1-1 work allows us to walk through the steps of inner healing with care and precision.  Through being witnessed in our experience and increasing our capacity for awareness, we set the proper conditions for wounds to heal and deeper well-being to emerge.

What does 1-1 look like?  

Meetings are held via Skype, phone and in-person in Bellingham, WA. 

We start exactly where you are, as you are.  Time is spent talking about your current concerns.  I will introduce you to using awareness and felt sensation to start to track your experience in new ways.  Don't know how to do that? Don't worry. We will learn together.  Already have some practice? We will build on this together to deepen awareness.   Our work evolves as needed from here.  Always, you are supported at your current ability.  

In our work, you receive the benefit of working with someone who has trained in supporting change processes in others, but most importantly you will work with someone who has spent years diligently engaging in their own inner work. I know what it's like to face a difficult inner landscape and how hard it can be to see your own patterns. My experience has given me confidence in the power of awareness and listening to catalyze deep well-being.


Sessions available for couples.   Available via Skype, phone and in-person in Bellingham, WA.  Various options for work including very short-term and long-term.  



Reach out for a complementary 30-minute phone session to.   If the fit is good on both ends, we can discuss a plan for working together.



$100  per 60-minute session.    Sliding Scale Available for 1 hr sessions. 

$125 per 1.5 hr session   


* 1-1 work is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical condition.  1-1 work can augment therapy but is not a substitute for necessary mental health or medical care. Client confidentiality is held unless the client reports child or elder abuse, intent for self-harm or harm towards others. In these cases, necessary action will be taken and confidentiality will be waived to prioritize safety.


Mind Body Practices

Mind Body Practices

The body is a vital aspect of healing.   

Healing involves bringing the scattered parts of ourselves into a unified place.  Breathwork, yoga, meditation and relaxation encourage us back toward wholeness.

Yoga shows us a practice that touches us mind, body and spirit.  While many envision flexible people in advanced postures, this is not the case.  The only requirements for practicing yoga are curiosity and commitment to try.  

Jess teaches yoga in traditional studios, mental health settings, universities and private instruction. 

She travels to teach modules on psychological awareness for yoga teacher training and meditation programs.



S L O W :  A Restorative Stretching Class

1st & 3rd Mondays  ::  7-8:30pm  ::  @ Center for Mindful Use, Bellingham WA

Space to Rest, Relax & Repair in Body, Mind & Heart.   Guided Stretching and Relaxation for All Bodies.

Learning to relax deeply can fundamentally change our life.  

Softness in the body can often lead to softness in the mind.  Spending regular time in relaxed states restores us to a more natural rhythm in movement, thought, feeling and presence. In this class, we will spend time on the floor on mats making shapes with the body and breath that encourage release.  Discover new ways to feel good and encourage natural healing.

Bring Your Own Exercise/Yoga Mat and towel or blanket

Dress comfy.                                                       No Experience necessary                             Free & Donation-based // Come as You Are

"This class brings me back into my body." 

“I feel more relaxed than I have in a long time.”


Saturdays :: 10-11:45 am :: Center for Mindful Use in Bellingham, WA :: Donation-based.

Yoga for people who “can’t do yoga” (and those who “can”).

SATURDAY YOGA is a class for everyday people interested in learning the simple practice and discipline of yoga. It is a safe, welcoming space to discover and learn about yoga using simple language, accessible postures (w/ room for play!) and tangible, practical tools to help expand your everyday life.

Whether you consider yourself a beginner, master or in-betweener, SATURDAY YOGA earnestly unpacks this most ancient of sciences in a way that's practical, personal and easy to understand.

We don't use big words, big concepts or complicated postures. We don't water it down. We don't bother with weekdays.

SATURDAY YOGA's teachings are simple, direct, and to the point.

Lots of people think they can't "do" yoga, but yoga is not a thing you "do." It is an experience you discover. SATURDAY YOGA will assist you in getting (yourself) there, one step, one limb, at a time.

OMG. Yes.”

Yin + Deep Rest

:: currently on hiatus ::

Awareness and Rest are key aspects to well-being. Join this all-levels class focusing on Yin yoga postures and deep rest meditation. Yin yoga is a series of postures on the ground held for 2-5 minutes, a combination of deeper stretch and restorative shapes. Deep rest is a form of meditation taken lying down with a focus on allowing the body, mind and heart to soften and receive. Expect teachings and centered guidance throughout the practice. Suitable for beginners, advanced and in-betweens. Deep Rest meditation shared as inspired by Open Dharma and Jaya Ashmore.


Practicing for the Unknown:  A Talk on Staying Open During Challenging Times

Dharma talk plus yoga nidra practice

Philadelphia :: Motherheart Yoga Sangha :: Nov 19 1-3pm www.motherheartstudio.com for more details

Rest Workshop

Come melt into the open and tender space of rest.

We often believe that the blessings of life come through great struggle. So often, our effort becomes pushing and then exhaustion. Rest calls us toward deeper life that cultivates flow, simplicity and trust. Beyond physical rest, we find that our mental, emotional and spiritual layers can also relax, center and trust the flow of life. We begin to merge with the Source of our Being.

Join me in this 2 hr workshop exploring rest as a spiritual practice that nourishes a relationship with life with less struggle and greater ease. Discover how rest can support well-being, meditation and spiritual path. Expect heart-centered teachings, gentle asana and a guided rest meditation. Dress for comfort and bring a scarf to cover the eyes while resting.

Oahu :: YogaLoft Hawaii :: July 23 5-7pm ::  www.yogalofthawaii.com  for more details

Learning to Unlearn:  Reclaiming Our Connection and Loyalty to the Unknown

Pacific Northwest Teaching & Kirtan Tour with Aimee Wilson :: May 29- June 4     www.riverhome.us  for more details

Relaxing into Strength: Finding Life through Surrender

Motherheart Yoga :: Philadelphia  :: Dec. 6 12-3    www.motherheartstudio.com for more details

The Non-Duality of the Soul  :: A one-day workshop with Jessica Eagan

Studio 34 :: Philadelphia, PA ::  Dec. 5, 2015 1-4pm   Pay-What-You-Can     www.studio34yoga.com for more details

private sessions available upon request

for workshops & retreats, visit Heart Philosophy


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