Mindfulness is a key skill in healing.

Zines are accessible, simple ways to transmit information.

Everyday Healing is a mindfulness zine created and designed for everyday people to better understand their inner landscape and learn simple mindfulness practices that can greatly aid the journey to wholeness and healing.


Developed out of time spent at the Kensington Storefront, a community arts space created by Mural Arts Philadelphia at the center of the opioid crisis in Philadelphia , and in collaboration with artist Swoon and the Million Person Project, the Everyday Healing zine is a response to the great need for simple, relational ways for us all to start healing our pain, addiction and restlessness.


Since its first printing, this zine has made its way into the hands of trauma therapists, yoga teachers, housing organizations, addictions specialists like Dr. Gabor Mate, and….most importantly….people living their everyday lives.

The Road Home: New Perspectives on Addiction and Healing with Dr. Gabor Mate and Swoon

Swoon insta post on Everyday Healing

We are getting ready for a second print run for wider distribution. Do you wish you had something simple to hand to your parents, clients, students, customers, friends, self?

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“A very gentle and clear way to talk about working with pain “

A client picked it up and got very excited about it. She wanted a copy and loved the format.”

Sending these to my family”