Honesty is the heart of the healing process.  

It's probably where most of our energy is tied up and lost.  Feeling one thing but acting against it is counter to our nature, which is rooted in freedom.  Freedom does not need to hide any part of itself.  It is, by nature, free.  

We live in a world that encourages a false sense of freedom but operates through lying.  Think of how often we are encouraged to "speak your mind" and "express yourself" but sense the hidden guidelines underneath.  It is modeled for us to be patronizing, phony, fake-it-till-you-make-it tough and compliant.  These are all forms of lying, wherein we let our actual experience come secondary to the acceptable or consensus way of responding.  In this, we swiftly lose the ability to have helpful boundaries, grieve (and heal), love and express real joy.  We also begin to forget who we are without the pretending.

Reintroducing honesty into life, we learn to really see what our experience has been for so long and to say it how we truly feel it.  We learn to accept where we are in pain so that we can actually move through it. Keeping honesty in the forefront helps us move past habitual denial and shame which thwart our life flow.  

Eventually, we see that our lying has not been protecting us in the ways we thought.