Feeling is just that- being able to feel.  

Whether we feel emotionally numb, overly-emotional or somewhere in between, most of us have lost the ability to really feel what is actually going on inside.  If it is painful, shameful or confusing, we learn to cover it up with a different kind of pain.  Then we relate to ourselves through stories about what is happening in place of being able to directly feel.  This leaves us fractured.  Our experiences get stored in memory on many levels- mind, body and senses.  These create our "felt experience."  Our felt experience is always talking to us, even if we have stopped listening.

It seems we are really adverse to feeling.  Most of us get a lump in our throat when we need to cry, as though the tears are collecting behind an invisible wall.  Apologizing, receiving compliments, saying "no", saying goodbye or expressing unabashed love  is really difficult for most of us.  

Can we see how this limits our access to the full range of life?  Its tough to stay that confined.