Life has a basic rhythm.

Most of life needs simple things to survive and thrive- safe space to grow, safe food, clean water, love, connection, beauty.  With these basic needs, we are capable of accomplishing amazing feats, living in balance and finding creative and sustainable solutions to our problems. 

Somewhere, we have lost these simple rhythms.  We have traded simplicity for a complexity that borders on insanity. We grasp, circle, over consume, forget and sink.  

It's time we come back to natural, basic rhythms.  Bring people back to simple balance, and they start to heal. Bring systems and organizations back into equilibrium, and they function with unity.  This is the law of synergy- the whole is greater than the parts.  Rather than medicating symptoms, let's bring whole systems back into alignment at the core.

We have deep roots and we have not forgotten them.