Creative Consulting is the process of investigating a problem from the inside and developing a sustainable, unique approach to solving the problem.  This is about empowering your work and growth from within.


When we encounter problems, we tend to quickly seek an outside person to deliver a solution. This is a natural human tendency. It is a pattern that often shows up in many areas of life- relational, professional, personal, spiritual.

It is important and necessary to reach out for help when we need it.

However, we often come to rely on this outside solution each time we encounter a problem, perhaps never coming to understand how we ended up with this problem. Nor do we often come to deeply understand and develop a new process that will enable us to change patterns and seek solutions on our own in the future.

In Creative Consulting, we will collectively investigate the problems you, your organization or your family are encountering. We will explore it as closely to the root cause as we are able. Ultimately, we will co-create a process that will enable you to move forward with clarity and perspective, and the ability to generate your own solutions in the future.  

Creative Consulting can be applied to 

  • Work relationships
  • Organizations
  • Personal growth
  • Romantic, friendship and business relationships
  • Spiritual growth/Relationship with Self

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