Jess Radovich is a teacher, therapist and artist based in Seattle.  Deep Roots Living is the umbrella of her professional, creative and personal work.  

With extensive experience in early childhood development and education, psychodynamic psychotherapy and systems of psychological and spiritual growth, Jessica now serves as a teacher of process and well-being.  Her work teaches others how to connect to direct experience, with the underlying belief that this is the path that every person, collective and society must take in order to act and live with integrity and peace.

Her explorations are deeply personal in nature.  Each collaboration opens further exploration of her own self-understanding and awareness.  The change process is dynamic and unending, and she treats it as such.  

 As a clinical psychotherapist, Jessica has worked with individuals and groups looking for deeper healing and peace of mind.  Her work incites inquiry and direct experience as a primary means to learning and ex[eriencing growth and integration in the mind, body and spirit. 

In addition to working in clinical settings, Jessica teaches traditional yoga classes and travels to teach modules on psychological awareness and relaxation for yoga teacher training programs.