Deep Roots Living is the umbrella of my professional, personal and spiritual work.  It is born out of my understanding that when the process  that underlies our endeavors is solid, the product  is always fresh, relevant and truthful.  Not one for compartmentalization in life, I am in the ever-evolving process of developing creative processes that can be used in any and all areas of life.  

My experience has been that becoming of student of your own life, whether in business, relationship or solitary time, allows you to develop ways to grow the kind of awareness that anchors you in your most truthful self. this leads to making solid decisions that come from curiosity, conviction and authenticity.

Growing deep roots means using the process of going within to develop creative solutions, rather than seeking answers from outside.  from a stable base arises the ability to be flexible, ever-changing and self-renewing., and to keep pace with life with greater ease.